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Interlingua Translator for Java

The Interlingua Translator translate every language in a unique language representation. This unique representation is a digital description of the content. This language independent representation is named interlingua.



Currently this project is in planning. The project was starting at the September 2005.



The Interlingua Translator for Java has the follow modules:

  • Interface
    The public interface for all other software that want use this library.
  • Interlingua
    The language independent description of the text context.
  • Utils
    Some helper classes that can use from the language package. For example a wordbook loader.
  • Language Modules
    For every language there is an own module that are 100% independent from the other modules. It must include a parser (native language to interlingua) and a generator (interlingua to native language). Typical it will also include wordbook. We prefer a XML wordbook. Because the language modules are independent it can also be another wordbook for another language.
  • Junit
    For testing the system.

Interlingua Translator